The Danger of Ignoring Teen Depression

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Being a teenager is hard. Always has been. However, in the age of 24 hour social media, where every move and comment a person makes is scrutinized by anonymous hoards of people, it can be especially difficult to navigate the waters of adolescence. Teenage depression is growing at an exponential rate. Depression can lead teenagers to make very poor decisions regarding their health. Drug and alcohol abuse is rampant among young people who suffer from some form of mental health issue, including Continue Reading ...

in Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

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Addiction/Alcoholism Addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs can have devastating consequences on an individual’s quality of life. Once the body has become accustomed to experiencing the effects of drugs or alcohol, it can be extremely difficult for a person to stop using without the help of medical professionals. Without proper medical guidance from in alcohol rehab treatment, detox, and rehabilitation, it is extremely unlikely that a person will be able to overcome their addiction to drugs Continue Reading ...